1. As a general rule, I dislike ‘conspiracy’ as an historical theory.

2. I believe in defending history, critical thinking, and rigorous scholarship.

3. I am skeptical of revisionism but am willing to entertain new ideas.

4. I do not believe that history is predicated on what what is spiritually meaningful.

5. I believe that a spiritual agenda often compromises one’s judgement of history.

6. I believe it is important to make a distinction between truth and fact.

7. I believe that a fact is something that is known to have existed or occurred.

8. I believe that factual probability must be judged by the credibility and reliability of the witness.

9. I believe that truth is an indication of archetypal resonance.

10. I believe that truths are universal and that they may be interpreted differently by each individual through the lens of his or her own life experience.

11. I believe mythology is based in truth, but not necessarily historical fact.

12. I believe that mythology is a valid foundation for spirituality.

13. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own reasons for an interest in Mary Magdalene, and that they need not be spiritual in nature.

14. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own spiritual vision of Mary Magdalene, and that they cannot be told that it is wrong.

15. Spiritually, I draw inspiration from Hermetic, Platonic and Neo-platonic philosophy, Christianity, and Gnosticism.