My roots are showing…

Archived from The Magdalene Review on Friday 16 December 2005

Jeremy over at Fantastic Planet posted a moving, insightful observation to his blog yesterday, about the practice of looking down on others, whose perspectives we do not value, as ignorant (“You Ignorant Bastard”). The primary example he cites is Richard Dawkins, a biologist and author of several titles including The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker. Dawkins, in making his case for atheism, treats those who are theists as naive, self-deluded “bumpkins,” as Jeremy put it. Read more

Religion books for Dummies and Idiots

Archived from The Magdalene Review on Tuesday 29 November 2005:

The following article, from The Dallas Morning News, was posted today at

‘Dummies’ and ‘Idiot’s religion books prove smart bet for publishers
by Sam Hodges

My editor at Alpha Books, Randy Ladenheim-Gil, was interviewed for the piece.

This was the absolute best part of the article:

Father Trigilio is just as pleased to be a Dummies author. He’s at work with two others on a Dummies book about Pope John Paul II, to be released near the first anniversary of his death, April 2, 2006.

For anyone who has lingering concerns about pairing “dummies” and “idiots” with sacred subjects, the priest says: Get over it. He notes that in First Corinthians, St. Paul favorably uses the term “fools for Christ.”

“The actual word in the Greek, if you translate it literally, means ‘morons,’ ” Father Trigilio said. “Nobody gets bent out of shape that St. Paul is calling them a moron.”

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Meet your host…

Archived from The Magdalene Review on Sunday 27 November 2005

Who the heck am I, and what gives me the idea that I’m qualified to blog about Mary Magdalene, anyway?

My name is Lesa Bellevie. I’m the founder of, and the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Mary Magdalene. Yes, the title is part of the real Idiot’s Guide series, I didn’t rip it off. (Believe it or not, this is a common question.) I’ve been researching Mary Magdalene since 1997, when I first discovered that nothing in the Gospels says she was a prostitute. A software test engineer by trade, I naturally turned to the Internet to see what I could dig up, which, in 1997, was not much. I decided to start my own website to gather all of the information I was able to find about Mary Magdalene and just to see what would come of it. It’s been a fulfilling project and has led to other opportunities that allow me to explore my avocation as an amateur historian. Read more

The Magdalene Blog

When I discovered in 1997 that Mary Magdalene was never identified in the Bible as a prostitute, I was so intrigued that I started a journey that would take me to places I’d never imagined. I started the website in 1998 to collect everything I was learning, and reached out to the very few authors I could find who had written about her. I didn’t imagine that anyone else would share my rather singular interest, but to my surprise, there was a burgeoning community with diverse ideas all hungry for more information as well. I started the [magdalene-list] Yahoo Groups email list (which still exists in some form), and got online conversations about Mary Magdalene rolling. 

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