Welcome to The Magdalene Blog! My name is Lesa Whyte, and I’m the author of A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Mary Magdalene, the creator of the original Magdalene.org website (which I ran from 1998 – 2016), and blogger for another Magdalene blog a few years ago called The Magdalene Review.

During the years that I ran Magdalene.org, I tried to collect as much information about Mary Magdalene as possible into one location, but this became a task unsuited to the format of the site. I took a step back to consider how I wanted to move forward in my Mary Magdalene work, and then gifted the Magdalene.org domain to Tanya Torres, an artist with a devotion to Mary Magdalene. I decided to build any new projects from the ground up. (And starting a website in 2018 is a LOT different than starting a website in 1998.)

I have both a longtime academic interest in and a deep devotional connection to Mary Magdalene, so in this blog I’d like to be able to write not only about how Mary Magdalene shows up historically, spiritually, culturally, and artistically, but also share my own reflections on her. Mary Magdalene is, more than anything, what I consider my life’s work, and after twenty years in her service I’m eager to talk about her importance to me and her relevance to the world.

In addition to The Magdalene Blog, I am beginning work on a sister project called The Magdalene Archive, which will be an effort to document knowledge of Mary Magdalene in a reference format.