In 2006 I created a blog called The Magdalene Review, where I discussed pretty much anything and everything related to Mary Magdalene. One thing I’d forgotten until recently is the tagline I had added to the blog:

Mary Magdalene, n.: A woman who has never been the subject of no controversy

That pretty much says it all. When it comes to Mary Magdalene, I’ve met few people who do not have an opinion. Occasionally people don’t know who she is, or confuse her with the other Marys in the Gospels, but for the most part she is so embedded in Western culture that she is impossible to miss entirely.

Because there was some good content on The Magdalene Review, I’ve decided to seed this blog with posts from the old blog. I will add a category called “Magdalene Review archive” so it’s easy to identify old articles to either avoid them or go back to them. I will also add a note at the top of those posts to make sure readers are aware that they are old.

One thing that occurs to me about publishing on this subject, since I’m thinking about it, is that it has drawn a lot of fire in the past. The Magdalene Review often received negative comments because, like any spiritual subject, people tend to be very invested in their own perspective. This was a factor in my decision to stop blogging before because it’s really disheartening. That said, I will be deleting comments to the effect of “I’m praying for you and hope God reveals the truth to you” and “you’re going to hell.” I just don’t have time for that and it contributes nothing to the conversation.

So – let’s get this thing started!

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